[Fantaken] 150529 Sunggyu – Gangnam Fansign

DOWNLOAD – 242 pics UP


See also: [Fantaken] 150520 Sunggyu – Tablo’s Dreaming Night Radio

Credits: semperlucete, PAPAPERRRRR, 수국과 안개꽃, starry sky, 봄을 닮은 소년, douerky, kyuloveme, more than kyu, e_gyu89, in the snow, strawgyu, first and last, belong to my light, jjongb, springnsummer, hahadeath, aym57, belong to my light, infollow, 이리, specyeolforgyu, allaboutmang7, turningpoint, 4evawithkyu, sparkle starlight, wing kim, shouzizi, lovesungkyu, 소일아, loveof60sec, hello darling, micky428, heukdoo, primrose

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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