[Fantaken] 150530 Sunggyu – Boramae Fansign

DOWNLOAD – 228 pics UP


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Credits: PAPAPERRRRR, MISS珍AM, kyuloveme, 노르웨이숲규, ifntsk, douerky, in the snow, 봄을 닮은 소년, ifntnow, first and last, e gyu89, 수국과 안개꽃, just stay with you, spotlight, bigdipper, starry sky, blesskyu, kissing light, shouizizi, green, turningpoint, more than kyu, inspiritjulia, gyulaxy, lyeolnam, infiniteholic, ifnt_bestfriend, huaer0428, sparkle starlight, winky, 24_7_kyu, wing kim, allaboutmang7, 4evawithkyu, loveof60sec, lovesungkyu

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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