[Info] 150901 Naver Starcast: “Do you know INFINITE M?” SUNGKYU & DONGWOO’s secret practice room


They are SUNGKYU and DONGWOO. Are they a new secret weapon or something? They seem like a ‘subunit’.

By the way, Halfhearted. Where’s their perfect group dance?

What’s more, ‘rapper’ DONGWOO even sings.
What’s this subunit then?


5 4 3 2 1 ▼

“Infinite M”

This time it’s ‘INFINITE M’.

By the way, do you know what does ‘M’ stands for? It’s an initial alphabet of ‘Musical’. SUNGKYU and DONGWOO are going to challenge for hip hop musical ‘In The Heights’ for the first time in Korea.

Musical ‘In The Heights’ is about people living in Heights village’s dream and hope. It won the Best Musical Award from Tony Award 2015.

It’s exclusive corner of STARCAST, right? SUNGKYU and DONGWOO’s virtual SNS is here. Run-through site for ‘In the Heights’ that you never have seen before follows.

First of all, SUNGKYU?

Ta-da! The ‘leader KYU’ is back. I play the role of character ‘Benny’ from the musical. Benny is a young man who works for transportation company. He falls in love with university student Nina.

Actually it’s my third musical this time. I challenged again because it has unconventional concept of ‘hip hop’. It is very harder than I thought. Therefore I practice whenever I have time to.

# vocal KYU, # BACK!

# vocal cord like honey # honey honey

You were surprised, right? DONGWOO took this photo. The title of the photo is ‘Shaking SUNGKYU’. He says it’s some kind of beauty in shaking. But for me, it seems like a photo taken by feet.

Um… Let’s talk about the musical again. The most important thing about musical is the harmony between the actors. Therefore we must have communication. Actually I feel unsatisfied because I can’t join more meetings.

However, get rid of your prejudice against ‘KYU giryeok (SUNGKYU+mugiryeok which means lethargy in Korean)’. I’m just bit tired because I have to carry out both world tour concerts and musical practice at the same time.

# Exclusive capture # KYU giryeok

# Wake up # SUNGKYU

# Although I feel tired # I smile

Okay then, shall I call DONGWOO who took the photo with feet?

“Come out, DONGWOO”

It’s DONGWOO time now. Unlike SUNGKYU, it’s my first time to try musical. I play the role of character Usnavi in ‘In the Heights’. He is a young man who owns a grocery shop.

It is chaos everyday. I didn’t know that I have to memorize and sing so many songs like this. Plus chorus and chords in addition… Practice is the only way to survive.

# DONGWOO # is serious

# Keep in # playful DONGWOO

# 24-hours # script script

I get help from SUNGKYU especially. He explains about musical in detail for me. He points out things I don’t know. Thanks, bro♡.

# Seriously, # watching

# Watching # on my knees down

I really practiced hard. I had no strength left on my legs straight after the singing. My t-shirt got wet with sweat! However, I feel very happy now.

# Main rapper, # sings

# no more strength, # sit down

# Still, # it’s fun

It was the scenes behind the practice room for musical. However, if we talk about SNS, we cannot miss out selfie, right? I will finish ‘STARCAST’ secret SNS with my selfie.

# Can you see?, # the handsomeness

# Cute charm, # for bonus

# SUNGKYU, # still has strength

# smaller face, # than a hand

‘In The Heights’ will be held in BLUE SQUARE Samsung Card Hall from September 4. There are Yang Dong-geun, Key of SHINee, CHEN of EXO will be appearing.

If you want to feel the importance of small things in ordinary life, book for ‘In The Heights’ right now! In addition, if you want to see SUNGKYU and DONGWOO together, September the 13th is the day!

Arranged: Park In Young (Dispatch)
Picture: Woollim Entertainment provided

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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