[Fantaken] 150523 Sunggyu – Dream Concert

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See also: [Fantaken] 150512 Sunggyu – YHY Sketchbook Recording

Credits: Shine ur light, you make me, springboy, be with ksk, more than kyu, conjee, secret, spotlight, douerky, 수국과 안개꽃, salanghwasal, mi primero, primrose, blesskyu, just stay with you, turningpoint, cheezy0609, kyuloveme, slowmotion, woogyuism, sweetpotato0123, soinfinite, baby’s breath, ks focus, shine your light, gyulaxy, kyuniverse0428, utopia104, yeolzzang827, shine story, bigdipper, semperlucete, sing with kyu, belong to my light, MISS珍AM, 그리다규, love and peace, shining moment, beautifulkyudays, three rooms, hogam, 딸기캔디, spring of eden, ma-lumiere

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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