“Infinite CHING-GYU” is a fanbase dedicated to INFINITE’s Leader, Kim Sunggyu. We update about INFINITE as well but this blog especially focuses on Sunggyu. “Infinite CHING-GYU” is affiliated with our Naver Line Cafe. This blog is created as of March 21, 2013 (D-Day “Man In Love” MV was released). We aim to keep you posted on updates about Sunggyu and INFINITE as well. We hope everybody’ll have fun reading and browsing through this blog. Thank you so much for your support! ^^

Related Links
Naver Line Cafe: http://cafe.naver.jp/인피니트%20CHING-GYU
Tumblr: http://infinitechinggyu.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ifnt_chinggyu
Contact email: juvedelin.hm@gmail.com (Main Admin’s email)
infinitechinggyu@gmail.com (Infinite CHING-GYU Official email)

Feel free to ask questions about Sunggyu, INFINITE or Infinite CHING-GYU. We will be sure to answer it ASAP. ^^

DISCLAIMER: Infinite CHING-GYU does not own any of the members of INFINITE or any information given. We are just a fanbase that shares them with other fans. Photos and videos posted do not belong to Infinite CHING-GYU – unless it is stated or watermarked.


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    • juvedelin says:

      You’re welcome! HAHA. Thank for the support as well. I’ve notoced you’ve been commenting our posts here. HAHA 감사 ~~~

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