Contact Us!

Questions, Suggestions, Volcanic Eruptions?

I was kidding on the Volcanic Eruption part. Keke. Anyways, just want to inform everyone that you can always feel free to contact us ANYTIME 🙂 Since we’re all friends here, you can go ahead and inquire us of concerns or questions. Or if you want to offer feedbacks, it’s OK! 🙂

But also, please understand that human as we are, we also have our own hectic schedules. So forgive us for the delay in answering your questions IF EVER we don’t answer it on time. Cos there are some instances when we get busy with school and/or work 🙂

As Main Admin, I will be responsible with the answering of questions/inquiries.

– Hazel (Founder & Main Admin)

P.S. If question/inquiry is not entertained within 5 days, …. wait longer HAHAHAHA just kidding 🙂 You can just directly mention us on Twitter since that’s the EASIEST way to contact us. Thanks!


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