Our fanbase does not exempt us from having rules. Although they’re the simplest rules, please do follow them seriously.

Rule#1. NO BASHING. BE FRIENDLY. This applies to all INFINITE and other K-pop fans. Please respect the staffs and authors as well. As human as we are, we all make mistakes. Feel free to correct us in a polite way.

Rule#2. DO NOT BE A SILENT READER. If you can’t comment, LIKE the post at least. This way, we’ll be able to know if we have readers. A simple LIKE motivates us to work hard in the future. A comment would always be better!

Rule#3. DO NOT EDIT OR CROP WATERMARKS FROM PHOTOS POSTED. Consider the fact that we and other sources worked hard to take photos for us to see (and spazz). May it be our original post or from another source, especially fantaken pictures from other official fanbases, please refrain from cropping or editing them. Unless they are scans, you are free to use them in any decent way.

Infinite CHING-GYU Exclusive Photos RULE: Do not share, repost, and edit photos. You can only look over them through our fanbase. If ever you see somebody else post it on their blog or site, please inform us. 🙂

Rule#4. PLEASE TAKE OUT POSTS WITH FULL CREDITS. It’s quite understandable. If you wish to share posts from this blog, we would appreciate it if you don’t remove the credits. Any fanbase or posts outside Infinite CHING-GYU who are not giving credits will be notified.

Rule#5. ASK QUESTIONS RELATED TO SUNGGYU AND/OR INFINITE. We all like a lot of groups. But since this blog focuses on Sunggyu and INFINITE, we hope you’re questions will be related to them.

We will expect everyone to abide with the rules. They’re easy to follow so I hope everyone’ll be comfortable here. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Rules

  1. jennyteer100 says:

    Hi there!

    First of all: great work of making this website!

    I was wondering if there’s an email adress of Woollim Ent. I can contact to?
    I’m studying Graphic Design and I’d like to start a project in Japan / South-Korea about / for artists and media.

    I hope there is, otherwise I’ll try the regular adress but since email is sometimes faster I was curious about that…

    Keep up the good work!

    From The Netherlands

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