[OSEN News] 150804 INFINITE’s surprise release of new song at their concert in Seoul on August 8


Group INFINITE is going to release their new song at their 2nd world tour concert.
INFINITE will hold their 2nd world tour concert ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park on August 8 and August 9. They are going to captivate audience with fantastic concert consist of diverse music and performance.

In addition, they will unveil the stage of new song along with tracks included in 5th mini album ‘Reality’ that released in July. The concert will have the stages of all INFINITE’s beloved hit songs.

Since they announced a special stage as it is the first concert of their second world tour concert, a lot of attention gathered towards the concert.
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[OSEN News] 150713 Remarkable performance of INFINITE, who swept the 1st place of 7 charts with their new song ‘Bad’ and covered whole chart with their songs


Group INFINITE’s new song ‘Bad’ presented remarkable performance of sweeping major music charts as soon as they release it.

As of 7 am the 13th, INFINITE’s ‘Bad’ took the real time first place of 8 major music charts such as Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, Genie, Naver Music, etc. including the biggest music website in Korea Melon. From some of the charts they have lined up their sound tracks of new album such as ‘Moonlight’, ‘Standing Face-to-Face’, ‘Love Letter’, ‘Footsteps’, ‘Up To You’, ‘Betting’, etc. with the title song ‘Bad’ on the chart.
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[OSEN News] 150511 ‘Solo’ SUNGKYU’s determination… charming vocalist singing an emotive track ‘Kontrol’


Is the boy band INFINITE only good at performing a group dance? No, Soloist SUNGKYU’s emotion was more touching.

SUNGKYU’s solo single title track ‘Kontrol’ is an emotive song that is different from the band INFINITE. The track is about a story of youth who tries hard to get back on their life track which represents the theme of an album ‘27’.

‘Kontrol’ features SUNGKYU’s gorgeous singing voice and its melancholy melody is impressing. The lyric where he shows his strong will to get back on his life track as determining himself to not going to give up on playing waiting game touched the listeners’ heart. The melody of the song where it’s not too effective and vague is attractive, and SUNGKYU’s singing voice that played between its intro and chorus was pretty emotional.
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[Osen News] 150429 INFINITE SUNGKYU, decided to have ‘Double title’ for his solo album in 3 years


SUNGKYU of INFINITE is releasing 2nd solo album in three years of time and announced that it is going to consist of two title songs and revealed name of the first title song, it is ‘It must be you’.

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At midnight of April 29th, a description on the first title song ‘I NEED U’ got posted on INFINITE official homepage along with a new image taken by a photographer LESS.

Woolllim Entertainment descrived “the song ‘I NEED U’ expressed a boy’s determined, mournful, and desperate mind to find his love. The melody tries to win a girl’s love softly with the guy’s firm will and SUNGKYU’s exceptional vocal leads the song.
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[Osen News] 150427 INFINITE SUNGKYU, coming back with his solo album ‘27’ coming May in 3 years


Leader of a boy band INFINITE SUNGKYU revealed the title of his album and a teaser image prior to his 2nd solo comeback.

At midnight on April 27th, his agency announced his 2nd solo album comeback as revealing its title ‘27’ along with SUNGKYU’s teaser image on INFINITE’s official webpage (www.ifnt7.com) and official SNS.

In the revealed teaser image SUNGKYU is sitting down and staring at a camera with bit rough and untidy look which is different from an image that he showed as a member of INFINITE.

SUNGKYU’s alone image aroused the public’s attention toward his new album and it is indeed first collaboration piece of him and LESS photographer.

Woollim Entertainment reported “it is entitled ‘27’, and it expresses SUNGKYU’s thoughts and music of 27-year-old life that he is currently living in. his youth life story will not get any frill, it will be rather realistic and simple.”
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[Mwave News] 150318 Infinite Sung Kyu’s Cousins Revealed to be Reporter and PD at KBS


It has been revealed that Infinite’s Sung Kyu has some family connections at KBS.

KBS 2TV’s Pit-A-Pat India revealed that reporter Song Hyun Jung and Song Hyun Kyung PD currently working at KBS are Sung Kyu’s cousins. This fact surfaced when Sung Kyu met the KBS reporter Kim Ki Heung while filming the show in India.

Pit-A-Pat India is a reporting variety show featuring the five members, namely Infinite′s Sung Kyu, Super Junior′s Kyuhyun, CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun, EXO′s Su Ho and SHINee’s Minho, covering different stories in India as they learn more things about the country. In order to help them out, reporter Kim Ki Heung stepped forth as their captain.
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[OSEN News] 150302 This May, INFINITE, They are coming back ‘Absolutely’.. “The new start’


An idol group INFINITE is coming back this May.

Via INFINITE fan meeting ‘Infinite Assembly’ that was held on February 28th and March 1st at Seoul Olympic Park, INFINITE revealed surprisingly their comeback teaser on the 2nd day of the fan meeting.

In the teaser clip, they left ‘7 in 1’ to tell the viewer all the members of INFINITE are uniting. At The end of the clip they left the word ‘MAY’ to tell all members new start with CG background spreading out geometrical figures.

All fans of INFINITE at the fan meeting cheered for INFINITE’s May comeback teaser clip that was shown surprisingly at INFINITE’s mega fan meeting ‘Infinite Assembly 2’ via mega screen right before the encore stage.
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