Infinite CHING-GYU Staffs

Hey everyone! My name’s Hazel, a Filipino Medical Technology student. 96Liner. A Self-taught photographer (Check out my Instagram and see or yourself HAHAHAHA). Dancer (I’m a member of a cover group here in Cebu). I’m only nice to people who are nice HAHAHAHA 🙂

Username: juvedelin
Staff Position: Founder, Admin
Social Networks: TwitterTumblr
Instagram: hazyhasel

Hai everyone, my name is Lydia and you can call me lyd 🙂 i’m an Indonesian and I love Infinite especially Sunggyu ^^. Nice to meet you all ^*^

Username: lyd288
Staff Position: Admin, Photo Uploader
Social Networks: Twitter

Hi guys~ I’m Lisa who also from Indonesia and infinitely love infinite^^ I’m in charge or translating Korean to English especially for fan account. but I’m still studying hard for it. so, please take care of me 🙂

Username: Lisashinr
Staff Position: Twitter Staff – Translator (Korean to English)
Social Networks: Twitter

Hi everyone, My name is Mae Filipino Inspirit. I’m working in some company as Multimedia Specialist. I love infinite especially L/Kim Myungsoo.

Username: Mae
Staff Position: Twitter Staff – Screencap Manager, MV Lyrics Encoder
Social Networks: Twitter

Hello~ My name is Ilma, I’m from Indonesia ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I love making graphics, web designing, and writing. I have an inability to choose a bias in INFINITE ( ≧Д≦)

Username: Ilma
Staff Position: Graphic Artist
Social Networks: Twitter

Hello~ My name is Miyoung ♥ I’m Vietnam Inspirit! I’m same as Gyu age and I’m taking charge of providing fan art of Infinite 😀

Username: Miyoung
Staff Position: Twitter Staff – Fanart Provider
Social Networks: TwitterTumblr

——————————————-SPECIAL STAFFS——————————————-

Hello, everyone♪ I’m Miyu, Japanese Inspirit☆ I own Eng trans blog for INFINITE ⇒
I translate Japanese information about INFINITE into English there♪♪

Username: MineMyngsL
Staff Position: Translator (Japanese to English)
Social Networks: Twitter

Hi everyone! I’m Junko, Japanese Inspirit! Please call me “Junchan” 😀 I’m taking charge of providing pic scans of INFINITE^^

Username: Junko
Staff Position: Photo Scans Provider
Social Networks: TwitterTumblr

Hi guys i’m Nica and i translate vids and stuff for IC-Gyu though i’m not 100% fluent in the language. I started liking Infinite because of Sunggyu but since they’re all so amazing in their own ways, i now stan OT7 forever ♥

Username: Nica
Staff Position: Translator (Korean to English)
Social Networks: Twitter


12 thoughts on “Infinite CHING-GYU Staffs

  1. jessachingu says:

    annyeong! I’m a Filipino Inspirit and I’m a Sunggyu stan! ^^ 94liner. haha. Annyeong to all the staffs thank you for your hardwork!

  2. noonanut says:

    Hi guys thanx 4 d info abt infinite…b4 this i really dont know who is infinite boys…but when i listen to thier song (back), im totally fall in love wit them…thanx again guys…

  3. nitz_INinspirit says:

    Hi guys! I am an indian inspirit…thanks for posting in this page…its really good to know about infinite! #fighting!

  4. 7INFINITE says:

    Hi I’m Angelica I’m a Filipino inspirit and my bias is Sungyeol~~
    I really like your posts here especially the list of shows of Infinite I do not need to
    look for different sources. Also I appreciate the daily uploading of vids about infinte!!
    your so jjang haha

  5. XINDDY_A says:

    Hi, I’m Cindy and I am an American Inspirit and my bias is Sunggyu but it’s always OT7 ~~ I love Infinite so much and they are bias ruiners for me because I keep coming back to them LOL. I want to be able to help out infinitechinggyu if you will let me! You guys are the best ! and thanks for making this fansite (:

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