TV Shows, Dramas & Guestings

Reminder: Videos are not owned by Infinite CHING-GYU. Please take out with full credits. Thanks! ^^

High School: Love On (2014)

Elite TV (2013~2014)

MNET You Are My Oppa (2010)

MNET JAPAN Days Of Infinite (2010)

MBC Infinite Girls (2010)

MNET Secret T (2010)

KBS Big Star! Dance Grand Prix (2010)

MNET Sesame Player (2011)

KBS Birth of a Family (2011~2012)

MBC Miss & Mister Idol Korea Chuseok Special (2012)

MNET Ranking King (2012)

KBS Immortal Song 2 (2012)

KBS 1 vs. 100 (2013)

KBS2 Mamma Mia (2013)

KBS2 Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (2012~2013)

MBC Weekly Idol (2012~2013)

SBS Strong Heart (2012)

Welcome to Wara Store (2012)

JTBC Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society (2013)

MNET Beatles’ Code 2 (2013)

tvN The Genius: Rules of the Game (2013)

MBC Infinity Challenge (2013)

SBS Barefoot Friends (2013)

SBS Law of the Jungle (2013)

SBS Running Man (2013~2014)

KBS The Sea I Wanted (2013)

MNET Infinite 10 days’ Japan Story(2013)

MNET This (Diss) is INFINITE (2014)

KBS High School: Love On (2014)

My Lovely Girl (내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀) (2014)

KBS Fluttering India (2015)

* This list will be updated until necessary.

The variety shows above are TV guestings, reality shows, and random videos/cuts. This list is still a bit lacking and still needs to be updated further. If you want to watch more of their subbed TV show guestings and interviews, head on over to our Eng Sub category on the sidebar. Enjoy~


55 thoughts on “TV Shows, Dramas & Guestings

  1. Mrskimmyungsoo says:

    Do you know were I can watch beatles code of infinite not the one you have on here but another one .. cant findit

    • juvedelin says:

      You mean those 10 days they were in Japan? :O We’re still waiting for the updates from subbers. 🙂 Dun worry, we’ll post them here as soon as available. 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      We’re not the subbers though. HAHA But yea, we’re gonna be posting it here once the subs are available 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  2. miss rara panda says:

    aaaaaa, I can’t download “SBS Barefoot Friends (2013)” and “SBS RUnning Man (Sunggyu)”
    huaaa, how can I download them???

    • juvedelin says:

      I replaced the links already. Check it again. As for the download, you have to ask permission from Kshownow cos they’re the ones providing those vids 🙂

  3. -hyeon-成贤 says:

    hello…..1stly Thank you so much for all the update from our boys…. I always follow ur update. Btw…do u have the link or something from “JIU”..? i wonder about that drama…
    please let me know if u have it…. thank you so much.
    and please keep updating…
    HWAITING…<3 ❤ ❤

    • juvedelin says:

      You’re welcome chingoo~ And thank you as well for the support 🙂 Regarding JIU, not really sure if there are~ But you can just search for it on Google, I think there are subs but they’re not full.

      • -hyeon-成贤 says:

        yeah, u’r right. they’re not full. that’s why i asked about it to you… just so curious about L in it, he looked like an anime character in that drama….
        anw…thank you for replying me.

    • silencehoney says:

      Hi Hyeon.. Sorry for my sudden email though,but I read ur comment about JIU? If you want, you can find that drama on dailymotion with eng sub.. I hope it will help you in ur searching ^^

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