tvN The Genius: Rules of the Game (2013)

130426 Episode 1

130503 Episode 2 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130510 Episode 3

130517 Episode 4 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130524 Episode 5 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130531 Episode 6 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130607 Episode 7 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130614 Episode 8 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130621 Episode 9 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130628 Episode 10 – Part 1 ~ Part 2

130712 Episode 12 – Uncut Preview Event | Spectator Chat

140201 SEASON 2 Episode 9 (as guest)

Credits: chibi-chan2204, Bumdidlyumptious, Wienda Chan, 24-7kspazzers


22 thoughts on “tvN The Genius: Rules of the Game (2013)

  1. ZERO says:

    this was like Liar Game…
    but tvN is not got permission from Fuji TV, and tvN is not have Plate right.
    so i think this program is plagiarism.

    • juvedelin says:

      No no it’s not. ^^ If you say it’s plagiarized, everything has to be exactly the same. Similarities can be seen but that does not justify that it is plagiarized. The Genius has it own rules. Liar Game also has its own rules so it’s not plagiarized. 🙂

  2. Me mow says:

    Were you guys able to find subs for the other episodes? I believe it’s up to episode 9 now, but I can only find raw video and I don’t know Korean. ;____;

  3. 현슴완 says:

    Nice explanation but no need to delete my comment, really. Those videos are now blocked anyway.. YubseyoC on YT also subbed the first ep because in his opinion these subs are inaccurate but alas YT also took down his video and idk he kinda disappeared ever since, I tried to contact him and suggest to unlist his video if he’s still subbing but there’s no reply yet, I wonder what happened.

  4. Catherine says:

    i made a request to to sub the remaining episodes. If a lot of people suggest it to them, they might do it. ♥

  5. Me mow says:

    I know a subber that’s currently doing ep 3, I just don’t want to mention their name yet as they’re trying to stay low.

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