Woollim Entertainment New Building & NIT Coffee Shop

Address {source: kpoplists}
– Korean: 우림 엔터테인멘트 서울시 마포구 성상동 12-25 #103
– English: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Seongsan-dong, 21-25, 103, Woolim Entertainment

Outside of Woollim Entertainment New Building

Inside of Woollim Entertainment New Building

Practice Room

Recording Room

NIT “Nell Infinite Tasty” Coffee Shop

Source: Instiz, howauhoya0830


33 thoughts on “Woollim Entertainment New Building & NIT Coffee Shop

      • pieka says:

        Halal means food that not contains alcohol and any meats that Muslim cannot eat.Does this answer your question?

      • fateen adriana says:

        ta last, someone concern about that.. i am muslim too..btw how i want to know the price there? usually korean won have many zero at the back but why this price list doesnt have zeros at the back…btw i am from malaysia

      • AZ says:


        Usually the cafe not including the zero at the back for get simple writing. And all of the price in krw. For ex 4.5 = 4.500 krw

    • 92ginger says:

      Halal certification is not common in most Korean F&B places yet because the Muslim community might not be as big outside of the international communities and neighborhoods as it is in Southeast Asia. But judging by the list of drinks on the menu, there’s no hint of alcohol in the drinks. I can’t speak for their food items but the drinks should be halal even without the certification. It would depend on your conviction to deem it as halal then :/

      • aisyah azmi says:

        Until now i dont know if NIT coffee hala or no???i dont get any info about that..sorry i can help you..because i either dont know…hwaiting!!!!^=^ inspirit chingus

  1. choin says:

    i really wish to meet them…n i really want to visit korea..go to some kpop groups concert if possible…wish i could fulfill my dream

  2. Haeng Syo says:

    I’m going to Seoul next month!! *excited* For sure I am going to NIT cafe.
    I want to ask any of you if you know a shop or mall that sells Infinite goods/merchandise? Can you give directions to this shop.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. aisyah azmi says:

    Haeng syo…..
    You are lucky… I want to go NIT coffee too..
    But i’m happy for u…congrat…^=^
    I hope you can meet infinite oppa…
    You are inspirit right^=^

  4. aisyah azmi says:

    To all woollim family…
    I have a question…
    NIT coffee HALAL???
    I mean for islamic people???
    Can islamic people eat at NIT coffee..???

    • AZ says:

      Actually, this cafe have not halal certification. But, looking the drink menus we can see if the drink free from alcohol. So, you can drink it 🙂

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