Nam Woohyun

Birth Name: Nam Woohyun

Stage Name: Woohyun

Nickname: Namu, Namstar, Namgrease, Bolmae

Date of Birth: February 8, 1991

Height: 176 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Education: Dong Ah Institute of Media & Arts

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

“Imagine and dream; then the world will change to how you want it to be.” – Woohyun


5 thoughts on “Nam Woohyun

  1. nurul izza bt rosman says:

    woohyun oppa could you be my boyfriend?could you just me&you go dating?i really like you so much because you are handsome&i fall in love with you but i live at MALAYSIA it’s so far away from KOREA,could you com?….. SARANGHAE !


    OMG! oppa u are so cool and awesome guy. I hope i will meet boyfriend like u…but now i am only 16. So i ust study first…i’m still young

  3. annie carl says:

    what an handsome man you are woohyun..when i watch your drama hi school love on thats the start that i noticed good choice to watch i never regret it..hopefully you and your member make a lot of project to come..infinite woohyun fighting..^_^

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