[Koreaboo News] 141031 INFINITE F unveils 3 album covers for Japanese debut


INFINITE F is ready to make their official sub-unit debut with their first single album Love Sign in Japan! On October 31st, three different album cover images of INFINITE F’s first album were revealed.

INFINITE F has been rumored to be a sub-unit for some time, and the official announcement of the debut made on October 14th has hyped up their fans with much excitement.

Comprising Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo (L), and Lee Sungjong, INFINITE F is formed with the visuals and younger members of INFINITE. The three will be making their debut as a sub-unit with the release Love Sign on November 19th. It has been planned for the group to visit Japan for promotional activities upon the release of the album; however, there are no announced plans for activities in Korea yet.
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