[Poll] Kim Sunggyu Polls

Infinite CHING-GYU Admins have decided to make a poll for our Photo Spam on Sunggyu’s birthday :) Please do vote~ The one with the most votes in each category will be our focus for the Photo Spam on April 28.

You can vote as man times as you want!! :) The more votes, the more chances of winning HAHA Spread and Vote guys! ♥

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Infinite CHING-GYU new Instagram account

There’s something new to Infinite CHING-GYU~

We will finally have an Instagram!! HAHAHA YAAAAY…. but what for? :)

In line with our 1st Anniversary, IC-GYU Staffs have come up with an idea to cater the needs of Inspirits by making a separate account via Instagram. The reason why we chose to use another account is because our Twitter and WordPress have their own purposes. Our Twitter is used for daily and fast updates while our WordPress is for compilations and serves as reference for Inspirits.

BUT this doesn’t mean, we won’t be updating our WordPress and Twitter anymore HAHAHA NO NO NO Of course we’ll still be active! We won’t be leaving~ Instagram is just an extension of our fanbase :) We needed something new to do and this was what we came up with.

The GOALS of our Instagram account are the following:

We know that Sunday is family day. Sunday is also rest day since it’s a weekend. That’s why we took this opportunity to spam your Instagram timeline with pictures of Sunggyu and/or Infinite while you rest :)

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[StarN News] 140422 K-pop market expected to get into a major chaos in May


It seems that K-Pop market is going to get into a major chaos in May.

On April 16th, a passenger ferry, which was carrying 475 of people from port of Incheon to the southern island of Jeju, sank near Gwanmae island, which is located near Jindo, Southern Jeolla Province.

Most of the entertainment programs, drams, and events were cancelled because of the tragedy, and a great number of singers cancelled or postponed the release of their new albums, concerts, and promotions in a deep sympathy for the tragedy.
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